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Investor(s) required for our interactive games and to help relaunch into the international market via online and domestic home market. Our investment to present is around $250,000. We are seeking a further $35,000 to complete online game and manufacture our Lotto Board Game. Will seriously consider international joint venture. Top level domains owned in Chinese market.

The Outrageous Organisation was originally formed by Leonard McQualter and Radio & Television personality Gavin Wood in Australia in 1992. Initially between the two of them they created the interactive DVD Board Game “Outrageous” and the soon to follow the award winning “Lotto” Board Game in 1994.

Another interactive board game with a huge secret and till this day we have not seen any board game in the worldwide market place use this very cool option.

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The Outrageous Organisation is extremely excited to announce the relaunching of their extremely popular 1994 board game – Lotto the 2016 edition.

A game of strategy, subtlety and opportunism, Lotto is so enduring and it offers a classic game play that appeal to kids, parents and grandparents alike. It allows players to live their dreams and fantasies, the opportunity of winning huge amounts of cash, purchasing property and spending their Lotto cash on their dreams. Our updated ATA Award Winning FAMILY Board Game LOTTO features new OPTIONAL 21st Century Technology – Online, Interactive Voice Response & QR Barcode for Smartphone, SMS & Tablet game play.

This evergreen or traditional style fun family board game is more exciting than its 1994 predecessor, pits 2 to 6 players, ages 8 to 80 in a race to build their bank, mass their personal fortunes to millions and own those ‘what would I do if I won’ fantasies – mansions, sports cars, tropical islands, luxury boats, overseas holidays and shopping sprees.

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