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The Outrageous Organisation was formed in Australia as a creative outlet and to create concepts for fun family board and online APP games for iOS and Android smartphones, tablets, PC & Televisions. Late March 2017 sees the relaunch of our ATA awarding winning game ‘Lotto’ as ‘Outrageous Fantasy Lotto’. A game of outrageous fantasy, winning heaps of cash, spend those millions, play with the family or your friends or play it alone.


An entertaining game of strategy, subtlety and opportunism, Outrageous Fantasy Lotto offers a classic game play that helps one escape into a realm of what we call “awesome outrageous fantasy” mindset. This challenging and innovative APP game is not only a sociable reminder of the real dynamics of family life but also provides for a brilliant outlet for tension and rivalry between friends and family in the competitive and growing today world.

This evergreen monopoly style or traditional style fun family APP pits numerous players, age 8 to 80 in a race to build their bank, mass their huge personal fortunes and own those “SO WHAT WILL YOU DO ??” fantasies – mansions, sports cars, tropical islands, luxury boats, overseas holidays, shopping sprees, rock concerts, swimming pools, golf courses, blind dates, dinner dates and so much more outrageous awesome stuff.

Catering to a large audience engaging one generation after another and offers an opportunity to think outrageously rich and play grossly rich. Six exciting levels of totally awesome outrageous fantasy.

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