Outrageous Organisation Australia

UPDATE: Thorough testing at present Private Rooms, Public Rooms & Robot & 1 player game at present for scheduled launch late 2017….

The Outrageous Organisation was originally formed back in 1991 in Melbourne Australia to create Interactive Video & IVR retro board games.

The partners of the Outrageous Organisation dreamed of creating games that at that time would be a sociable reminder of the real dynamics of family life, games with tremendous variety, unusual & common concepts, such as “strategic storytelling” and game character play, pushing the conventions of the game form way beyond hand full of cards and dice and combining new technology available at that time….


Outrageous Fantasy Lotto – Online

An entertaining game of strategy, subtlety and opportunism, Outrageous Fantasy Lotto offers a classic game play that helps one escape into a realm of what we call “awesome outrageous fantasy” mindset. This challenging and innovative APP game is not only a sociable reminder of the real dynamics of family life but also provides for a brilliant outlet for tension and rivalry between friends and family in the competitive and growing today world.

This evergreen monopoly style or traditional style fun family APP pits numerous players, age 8 to 80 in a race to build their bank, mass their huge personal fortunes and own those….